Anneke Kim Sarnau

Anneke Kim Sarnau

Anneke Kim Sarnau is in the "Polizeiruf 110" one of the most popular TV investigators inside and was already with two Grimme awards.

Anneke Kim Sarnau

  • Born 25. February 1972 , Elmshorn / Germany
  • First Name Anneke Kim
  • Name Sarnau
  • Years 48
  • Size 1.62 m
  • Zodiac Sign Pisces
  • Children Son (*2011) ; Daughter (*2014)

Not everyone knows that

Her boyfriend was at the birth of their first child in the delivery room and should be at the second birth . "He was alone, therefore, a great help, because I had someone I could bepöbeln because of the long hours of pain in labor. He wants this Time, too, not to be missed ."

Anneke Kim Sarnau loves to Swim and is to be found almost every day in the indoor pool. But on Land, she is athletic. Handball, jazz dance, kick-Boxing, Qi Gong, and Tennis are among her favorite activities.

On top of that, Anneke Kim Sarnau is also musical and can play flute, piano and saxophone .

Long as she was with the German actor together Hinnerk Schönemann .

After only one Semester of philosophy and English at the University of Kiel she threw her studies and began to study acting at the University for music and Performing arts in Stuttgart.

Biography of Anneke Kim Sarnau

Anneke Kim Sarnau is one of the most popular and busiest Actresses. It all started, like so many of her colleagues, on the theatre stage. However, the boards that mean the world has abandoned them largely for the benefit of her TV career, only as an audiobook spokeswoman she is still active.

That Anneke Kim Sarnau loves her profession, is obvious. She sees herself primarily as an artist, and says that that’s what drives you. "Me the roles and the narrative material of interest. I celebrate even in happy times, or take a stroll, if necessary, for a movie premiere in a chic dress on the red carpet. But the list itself is present with me quite far down on my priority. At the top: I want to play!", the actress told in an Interview.

Trailer for Hail Caesar

The Berlinale starts humorous

Parade role in the "Polizeiruf 110"

The majority of TV viewers Anneke Kim Sarnau know in her signature role as part of the Rostock Ermittlerduos Bukow and König in the crime series "Polizeiruf 110". Since 2010, she embodies the case analyst Katrin king, and encounters with their often unconventional methods are not rarely to be met with skepticism. Together with her TV Partner, Charly Hübner, Anneke Kim Sarnau 2012 for the two sequences was "The enemy" and "… and out you’re " for the Grimme-award nominated.

Great success velvet Grimme prices

Although she could not win the coveted trophy this Time, she has already won before two Grimme prices. In 2002 you received the award together with Hannelore Elsner for her role as the daughter of a terminally ill mother "The end of the season". A year later, she was for the portrayal of a young patrol officer, in the Psychodrama "The hope dies last" the bullying of their colleagues is exposed, and it finally breaks, with the Grimme-prize. And even the international audience is Anneke Kim Sarnau, thanks to a supporting role on the side of Hollywood stars Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz in the Film "The constant gardener" not entirely Unknown.

Fears of existence, in spite of the success of

So everything is going pretty well with Anneke Kim Sarnau. And also the trained actress is happy. With her boyfriend and their two children, a son (* 2011) and a daughter (* 2014), she lives in Berlin. However, although she has nothing to complain of, afflict you to quite the fear of survival. She probably was still running the times of the end of the 90s in the back of the head, as her Engagement at the Vienna Burgtheater, and she tried in vain to get new roles. Because nothing seemed to go right, she worked temporarily as a waitress in order to keep above water, and even played with the idea to hang the acting on the nail. And although Anneke Kim Sarnau today, actually, no more Worries need to not trust you after the birth of her two children, a long baby break. The hardworking actress just eight weeks after the birth of her second child, again full-time in front of the camera. The audience is happy, of course, but Anneke Kim Sarnau could admit now-that you must make the role offers no more Worries .

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