Ariel Winter

Even though you never had it easy, struggling actress Ariel Winter with skill, ambition, stamina, and sexy curves .

Ariel Winter

  • Born 28. In January 1998 , Los Angeles, California / USA
  • First Name Ariel
  • Name Winter Workman
  • Years 22
  • Size 1.55 m
  • Zodiac Sign Aquarius
  • Partner, Levi Meaden (since 2016) ; Laurent Gaudette (2013-2016) ; Cameron Palatas (2012-2013) ; Callan McAuliffe (2011)

Not everyone knows that

Long Ariel Winter suffered from your large bust. In June 2015, since she was just 17 years old, she got her Boobs out.

Love, the under the skin. Ariel and her boyfriend Levi have half a heart as a partner tattoo .

In addition to acting Ariel Winter has a great passion for music. In 2010, she has two Singles "Fall" and "Banished" published.

Biography of Ariel Winter

Actress Ariel Winter has made it despite a tough Childhood with a lot of Talent, diligence, and sexy poses on Instagram and co. to the popular series star. Since 2009, the mimes extremely successful "Alex Dunphy" in the Mockumentary-Comedy "Modern Family" on the side of Stars like Sofia Vergara and Ed O’neill.

Severe Childhood

But the way was rocky for the young Ariel Winter. Her home was never a safe place. Little Ariel suffered from the physical and emotional abuse by her mother. After several years of litigation, her older sister Shanelle, who is also an actress, took over in 2012, finally, the guardianship for her little sister.

First steps in the acting business

Although Ariel Winter do so at a young age much, and I had to endure, she worked always hard on her acting career. Already at the age of six, she stood for the first Time in front of a camera and advertised cream in a Spot for a punch. From then on it went uphill steeply. It is a role in the followed TV show "Listen Up!", which, in turn, open the door to further engagement in the popular Series "Monk", "Bones", "Nip/Tuck – beauty has its price", "Crossing Jordan – pathologist with profile", "Criminal Minds", "Ghost Whisperer – voices from the Beyond" and "Emergency Room – The Emergency Room" was.

Huge success with "Modern Family"

The big breakthrough as an actress was able Ariel Winter as a girl. She secured the role of the "Alex Dunphy" in the ABC series "Modern Family". What to handle happiness! The hilarious Show about the crazy life of a big family hit like a bomb. For several years in a row, Ariel was with the entire Cast of the series Screen Actors Guild Award and could a also Young Artist Award features.

In the TV chaste, on the Social Web, lightly dressed

However, while Ariel Winter in "Modern Family" the very ambitious, hardworking and uptight daughter of the family Dunphy mimes, shows the actress in real life rather freely. Your sexy curves, you will be presented with preference in the social media and garners some times criticism.

Ariel Winter earlier today

Happiness in love with Levi Meaden

Her friend, the actor Levi Meaden, seem to like it but. Since 2016, the two are a Couple, despite the age difference of ten years. For the critical voices of Ariel, however, has no understanding and commented: "I am happy and no matter what people want to say, you can say. I don’t understand why anyone in our Situation want to comment on. I don’t think it is a great thing ." We find: that’s Right so, dear Ariel! After all, what had the young actress, she has finally earned a bit of luck .

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