Club of the red bands, star casserole at the movie premiere

Big movie premiere in Berlin

"Club of the red bands"

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  • 07.02.2019

A lively atmosphere in the Zoo Palace in Berlin: In the cinema the Premiere of the "Club of the red bands"-Film celebrated. The actor Damian Hardung, Tim Oliver Schultz, and Ivo Kortlang spraying this powerful in a good mood and posing happily on the red carpet.

With this young man, you rarely see him

The TV-success "Club of the red bands" depends on the movie screen and told the history of the series. The Premiere in Berlin were some of the celebrities to be missed

"Club of the red bands" since a good three years full of TV success. Thousands of spectators suffer with the characters of the series, the fight with cancer. Now you can trace the history of Leo Roland, Jonas, Neumann, Emma, wolf Hagen, and co. on the big screen. And gaining a better impression in this: the Film tells the history of the series. An exciting project to numerous celebrities also not to be missed .

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