Daniel + Victoria, The Princess has a name

Victoria and Daniel: the wedding of the heart

Daniel + Victoria: The Princess has a name

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  • 24.02.2012

The guesswork has come to an end: king Carl Gustaf announced today the first name of Princess Victoria’s and Prince Daniel’s little daughter. Two of them has is due to their large mothers

Prince Daniel, Princess Victoria

Prince Daniel, Princess Victoria

Princess Victoria + Prince Daniel

A day after the birth of Prince Daniels and Princess Victoria, first daughter of the Name of the small line to the throne was announced. As king Carl XVI Gustaf announced to the Cabinet of the Swedish government in a special session, the name of the Baby Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary, Duchess of Östergötland.

The name of the baby is Estelle. Victoria and Daniel were allowed to choose the name according to the Swedish court free. The nickname of Silvia and Ewa are for the two grandmothers of the child.

You will always be conscious of self

A few hours before the announcement of the Name was on the Friday (24. February) the birth certificate of the daughter of Sweden’s crown Prince signed the pair in front of the Prime Minister, Reichstag President, field Marshal and the master of the lady under.

your child had on Thursday (23. February) in Stockholm for the world. Only a few hours later, they had left the clinic together with her husband, Daniel, and the infant again. In the meantime, the little family is back at Haga Palace. "I believe that a sense of security with the most Important thing is what one can give to his child. For this, we will do our Utmost to provide as good A Foundation as possible ", Victoria said after the birth in an interview with "Aftonbladet".

The first grandchild of king Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia is Victoria the number two in the Swedish throne.

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