Eye pads, beauty wonders against wrinkles

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Eye pads: in order to have wrinkles, eye shadows and eye bags no Chance

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  • 2 minutes ago

Eye pads are made from the Beauty-not more-in wardrobes an integral part of the Stars even. Before big Events like the Oscars, you belong to the Standard Repertoire, as fresh and young as possible to look. GALA reveals what the eye pads can everything .

Cindy Crawford, Kaia Gerber, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, James Franco, and Victoria Beckham swear by for years on eye pads and full of Pride in the social media. What embellished the Hollywood Stars, rejuvenated, and excited is also, of course, for non-celebrities, Beauty Queens, perfect to Shine in the everyday .

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The stressful Job, dancing the night away or the Baby stolen from bedroom leave marks under our eyes. Wrinkles, dark shadows, puffiness and tired eyes are the result. Who has not just time and money for a multi-week Retreat in a Wellness-oasis, which can help wonders with Beauty, such as eye pads. The application takes only a few minutes, and promises to be phenomenal effects.

What eye pads are ?

Eye pads are like Mini face masks for the under-eye area. This is much more sensitive than the Rest of our skin and, accordingly, special requirements in terms of care. The skin under the eyes is thinner and thus more vulnerable.

In addition, we blink an average of 40 Times per Minute, the skin under the eyes to Laugh, cry and when we Worry. The leaves, of course, traces. Eye pads contain special ingredients to the skin, counteract ageing, combat of shadows around the eyes and minimize eye bags .

There are eye pads made of Gel, or in high-quality skin care ingredients-soaked cloth masks. The ingredients to penetrate better into the skin .

What is the effect of eye pads?

Due to high-quality care substances such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, caviar, various fruit extracts and sometimes even gold particles eye pads combine true Beauty-Power.

These effects promise eye pads:

  • They have a cooling effect on stressed skin
  • Eye shadows are reduced
  • They donate a lot of moisture and plump up wrinkles
  • Bags sleepers
  • Die under-eye area looks fresher, more awake and radiant aus

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How do I apply eye pads ?

  • Clean face and eye area gently from Make-up and cream residue.
  • Place the eye pads under your eyes .
  • You can now pursue either course of their daily activities, relax, or even go to sleep.
  • After about ten to 20 minutes, you can remove the eye pads and the radicals in the skin massage into the skin. As a result, The active ingredients can be absorbed better .
  • After the Beauty Treatment as usual, your Make-up or care able to carry out Routine .

Tip: If you need to keep the eye pads in the fridge to intensify the cooling, decongestant and refreshing effect.

The best eye pads

The best-selling Pinpoxe

The eye pads of Pinpoxe are suitable for all skin types and come with the following features:

  • The eye pads contain Silk-collagen, Spirulina, and Irländisches Perl moss
  • You promise to make the skin more elastic, smooth and moisturized
  • On the corners of the mouth, the wrinkles are reduced and applied to the lips
  • Shadows around the eyes, crow’s feet and puffy eyes are reduced
  • After 15 to 20 minutes has unfolded, the results are not optimal

In the gold rush with the eye pads of Nuonove

Gold and eye pads-a perfect Beauty-Duo form. Not only do the Stars swear by this combination, many other users enjoy regularly, the luxurious Treatment. This eye pads with Gold must be not expensive. In Nuonove you get 60 eye pads for just over 15 Euro. It’s worth it!

The Golden eye pads are convincing:

  • 24 Carat Gold
  • Included are Mica, Allantoin, Spirulina, and collagen-Booster
  • Puffiness, wrinkles and exciting skin can be countered by Extra moisture
  • The skin metabolism is promoted, the elasticity of the skin is improved
  • Are also suitable for sensitive skin
  • Eye shadows are reduced
  • Already after 15 to 20 minutes you can enjoy the moisturising and soothing effect

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