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Gil Ofarim.

From teen star to become a professional musician: Gil Ofarim sings and dances on stage and in TV.

Gil Ofarim.

Born 13. August 1982 , Munich / Germany first name Gil Doron Name ‘ Ofarim-rich city years 37 Size 1.85 m.

The Zodiac Sign Of Leo.

Partner Verena Brock (married, 2014-2019) children, Leonard Dean (*2015) ; Anouk Marie (*2017)

Not everyone knows that.

Gil Ofarim has talents of all hand. In the summer of 2017, he stood for a campaign of the label Tom Ford in front of the camera.

Wow! When Gil was just in the final phase of his teen Image, he was allowed to act as a “Bon Jovi” in Munich’s Olympic stadium to occur. Jon Bon Jovi had heard of the young Talent, and Gil wished for in the pre – .

2018 Gil Ofarim against Pietro Lombardi in the ProSieben Show “Schlag won the Star”.

Biography of Gil Ofarim.

The youth magazine BRAVO has already brought in several career rolling. So, too, of Gil Ofarim. In one of the legendary photo-Love Stories of the then 15-Year-old played a musician and must have been in front of the camera is so well-made that it started in real life for a music career .

Gil Ofarim, the teen star.

At the time, the cute Teenager with Hits like “Round ‘N’ Round”, “Talk To You”, “Never Giving Up Now” and “If You Only Knew” became the teen star, even landed in Canada, a Top 10 Hit and toured half of Asia.

Now, he manifests himself to the career.

Change of image and hand-made music.

With the years, Gil tried to make his mark as a teen heartthrob store, was now under his full name, Gil Ofarim, and get the hand-rubbed-made music. With his band “Zoo Army” and “Eight” is rocking the full-blood musician since then, the stages of the country.

Gil Ofarim on TV.

But we don’t know Gil Ofarim only as a passionate musician, also the one or other acting job born in Munich can be recorded. Had his youth, he had a guest role in the soap Opera “Good times, bad times”, in adult age more roles in the TV films “Finally-Sex!” and “The storm”. In 2010, Gil secured a Part in the crime series “Ein starkes Team”, a few years later he stood for the Mystery series “From the secret” in front of the camera.

For a lot of attention to Gil provided Ofarim with his participation in the RTL-Show “Let’s Dance” . Together with his dance partner Ekaterina Leonova, he convinced all along the line and took the victory. Similarly, successful Gils performances as clad grasshopper in the ratings hit “The Masked Singer” were . But in the end he had to give the astronauts costumed Max Mutzke beaten .

A failed marriage.

Gil Ofarim has blossomed from teen star to serious musician and popular TV face. If there were not the private Negative headlines. After the separation from his wife Verena was kindled a dispute over the custody of the two children, Leonard and Anouk – including numerous court dates. In the meantime, it has become quiet around the Ex-Couple.

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