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Grace Jones - Profile, News, Images century, the provocative and visionary

Grace Jones.

Model, singer, actress, icon – Grace Jones is a legend! But easily the Jamaican woman at the rise of not had it to the very top .

Grace Jones.

Born 19. In may 1948 , Kingston, Jamaica first name Grace Name Jones years 71 Size 1.75 m.

Zodiac Taurus.

Partner Dolph Lundgren ; Atila Altaunbay (divorced, 1996-2004) ; Sven-Ole Thorsen ; Chris Stanley (divorced, 1989-1991) ; Jean-Paul Goude children-Paulo (*1979)

Not everyone knows that.

Wow, what a talent for words. Grace Jones ruled the seven (!) Languages.

During her time as a Model in Paris, she shared an apartment with Jerry Hall and Jessica Lange. Until today, the three are thick Friends.

Her autobiography, which appeared in 2015, bears the ironic title “I’ll never write my memoirs”.

Biography of Grace Jones.

Grace Jones, the distinctive Grace Jones! For almost half a century, the provocative and visionary multi-talented, excited his Fans all over the world. The Style, the androgynous and under-cooled appearance of the Jamaican singer, actress and Model and the game with the gender roles were not only an Idol of the Transgender and gay movement, but also a style icon. Until today, she has lost a piece of their radiance .

Grace Jones - Profile, News, Images before the

Grace Jones had no carefree Childhood.

And raised Grace Jones is born in Jamaica, where she lived after the emigration of their parents in the United States with her grandmother, and their second husband. You experienced a Childhood that was anything but sheltered. Grace and her five siblings had to endure not only the strict religious upbringing of her step-grandfather. No, even before the physical abuse and shock, the man didn’t Stop there. However, when her parents took the children to the USA, Grace was now a Teenager, was it not easier. In school, Grace was the only black student, suffered from the hostility of their peers and to rebel began .

So cute Mini cloud .

Great success as a Model.

The acting was there, the Grace Jones donated in this time of solace. In school, she participated in the theater class and realized slowly but surely that she wants to spend her life on the stage. After the end of their school time Jones landed in Philadelphia, where she first earned under a false name as a dancer in night clubs with a slice of bread. Attempts as a singer through failed first start, so the Jamaican woman tried to model jobs – with considerably more success. She landed a contract with the showing-off Agency Wilhelmina Models , was a sought-after Mannequin and worked in Paris, among other things, for “Vogue” and “Elle” .

Finally it works with the music career.

To advance the time, then slowly with the music career. Grace Jones delivered brilliant performances in the legendary “Studio 54” in New York and quickly made a good name in the local music scene. At the end of the ‘ 70s, she released her first Album “Portfolio” . While their music was the beginning of the Disco Era map, invented by the artist with the years, time and time again. Of New Wave, Reggae, Dance and Hip-Hop developed Grace Jones a style of their own.

Albums by Grace Jones.

1977: Portfolio 1978: Fame 1979: Muse 1980: Warm Leatherette 1981: Nightclubbing 1982: Living My Life 1985: Slave to the Rhythm 1986: Inside Story 1989: Bulletproof Heart 2008: Hurricane 2011: Hurricane – Dub.

Grace Jones on the big screen.

However, not only musically, Grace Jones can celebrate successes, even on the screen, the bizarre appearance and makes a good figure. So she played in the James Bond Film “a view to a death “, in “Conan the destroyer”, “Vamp”, as well as in the horror flick “wolf girl”.

Grace Jones remains Grace Jones.

Even today, after all these years, and with age, has a Grace Jones Like still to set the scene, to provoke and to play with conventions. Opportunity to be convinced in the summer of 2017, visitors to the Montreux Jazz festival in Switzerland, live. Only with a bodice, barbusig and body painting makeup, the music legend gave her Can be dressed in the Best.

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