Gravity, The most important facts about space-Drama

Gravity, The most important facts about space-Drama In your thoughts, Papa

Gravity: The most important facts about space-Drama.

Gravity: The most important facts about space-Drama.

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George Clooney and Sandra Bullock tumbling on Easter Sunday as a Free-TV Premiere through space. Here there are exciting facts to “Gravity”.

The Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock, 51, and George Clooney, 54, lost in “Gravity” in the cruel infinity of the universe: The first Shuttle Mission of the medical engineer Dr. Ryan Stone is headed by the experienced astronaut Matt Kowalsky. During a space walk, however the Shuttle is destroyed and Stone and Kowalsky spin – bonded by a Band – in the darkness – without any contact to earth. ProSieben shows the Drama on Easter Sunday, at 20:15 for the first Time on Free TV. Here are all the important facts about the Blockbuster.

Scientific Accuracy.

Training of the Büchner-twins.

Gravity, The most important facts about space-Drama the Film

In your thoughts, Papa, Jens is always with you.

Even if, of course, not everything in the movie corresponds to 100 percent of the physical laws of reality, so the above approach however, is surprisingly close to the reality. This is also the NASA Astronaut Michael J. Massimo, who took himself to two Hubble missions praised. What is not true but? For example, the Hubble telescope 559 kilometers above the earth, the ISS is only 420 km orbits. Astronauts are not able to get into the real world with a Manned Maneuvering Unit, a jet backpack, of the space station to the telescope .

These awards the Film got .

In the case of the critics, the Gravity came in “” from the beginning, incredibly well. The Film received seven 2014 Oscars. Alfonso Cuaron was hailed as best Director, it also gave the Golden boy in the categories “Best film music”, “Best cinematography”, “Best editing”, “Best sound”, “Best editing” and “Best visual effects”. In addition, the strip won a Golden Globe, five Saturn Awards, six British Academy Film Awards and seven Critic’s Choice Movie Awards. Not quite as bad yield.


Around 100 million US-Dollar production costs devoured “Gravity”, could, however, import is already on the first weekend in the US alone, almost 60 million US Dollar. In the world of the Film flushed incredible 714,1 million dollars in the box office. By the way: Indian Prime Minister Narendra modi took the Film as a comparison value for one of its heart projects. The space Mission “Mars Orbiter” would be cheaper to implement than the movie – at least for the modes claimed the.

This is a Science Fiction Film?

Star Director James Cameron (61, “Avatar”), praised the production as “best Science Fiction Film of all time”. But he has hit all the right Genre? Sci-Fi movies deal with an illusory future and its technology. In “Gravity”, however, the plot is based on an existing technology, the future, the speech is, in principle, never. Even though the Film is often classified under Science-Fiction and listed, this is strictly speaking wrong. Better the name of Science, would be a Fact or simply just a space Thriller.

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