Pageant winner Morgane Rolland: a Tragic tractor-death at the age of 22

The beauty Queen died in an accident in the Loire Region in France Morgane was together with her fiance on the bike, when the terrible accident occurred. In a Corporate Governance point of view, a very exciting autumn, the leading decision-makers and experts come together from the fields of Corporate Governance, Board remuneration and Supervisory Board work in the framework of the conference “clock Corporate Governance” in Frankfurt am Main. Also, be on 25. October 2019 this! The conference “clock Corporate Governance” addresses the resulting need for action by companies and investors with high-profile content, formats and speakers. The aim is to initiate a dialogue across the different stakeholders according to the Stakeholder approach in Corporate Governance, understanding of the respective positions to build up and develop solution approaches. French media reports said the 22-year-old “Miss France is supposed to be”-candidate Morgane Rolland in a tragic tractor accident killed. You already had the title of “Miss Loire 2017” and “Miss Rhone-Alpes in 2018” for the win. The Chance to win the “Miss France”-choice, stand for Morgane Rolland very good. However, last Friday, 26. April, has ended the life of 22-Year-old in a tragic way. How the “Daily Mail” reported, was the young woman, together with her fiancé in France’s Loire Region, when the terrible accident occurred. The two drove with the bike on a country road, when from the back of a tractor approached. An attempt to Overtake the tractor failed and the bike, the beauty Queen has been captured. Morgane came under the wheels of the tons of heavy vehicle and died a little later in the hospital. Her fiance and the tractor driver were uninjured, but both have been under severe shock. Among others, Sylvie Tellier, the national Director and former winner of the “Miss France”-choice, to speak, and their condolences in a touching “Instagram”Posting has indicated: If the fate of a young woman of 22 years steals life, we can feel in the face of this tragedy, only anger . A good trip to the Land of angels, beautiful Morgane! My deepest condolences for your parents, your fiance, your family, and the Miss-Loire-Committee, the moments of happiness with Morgane parts was allowed.

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