Rihanna help, my Ex is stalking me!

Rihanna help, my Ex is stalking me!

Rihanna help, my Ex is stalking me!

“Chris Brown can’t stand it that another man is with his great love, together” Chris Brown is convinced He is destined for Rihanna! You like your chilled drinking water prefer still or sparkling? Or medium?

In the case of the GROHE water systems, you have a choice. Fresh water, matched exactly to your taste for perfect refreshment. He is still totally obsessed with her: Chris Brown, 28, wants Rihanna , 30, at any price bring back. Chris Brown has put Recently his buddies. How serious he is, showed the Rapper at 30.

Birthday of his Ex-girlfriend He posted on Instagram a blurred photograph of the singer , wish her all the best. Whether this has left Rihanna impression, is unclear. The fact is that Rihanna has not responded to these congratulations. Your Followers want a clear distancing: “Show him the middle finger” , plead with her Idol – a appealed: “I thought you two were finally finished with each other!” Chris was violently attacked, but he disabled the comment function below the Posting.

Rihanna help, my Ex is stalking me!

The statement is clear: “I don’t care what you think!” But why the 28-Year-old is still obsessed with Rihanna? After all, the conclusion is already for nine years! The feelings are supposed to be highly cooked, as the singer (after a forever-long single-stage) made their relationship to Hassan Jameel, 29, open to the public. “Chris is so jealous,” reveals a friend. He can’t stand that another man is with his great love, together.

As a recently then engagement rumours began to circulate that he was freaked out completely. Chris has raged for not screaming in anger, and that Hassan is good enough for you. He feels betrayed , it is said. Totally sick: The Rapper speaks of Rihanna is still so, as if she was his girlfriend, and is convinced that she will come back to him one day: “He wants to be with her until the end of his life happy,” says a PAL.

Scary, considering what it had done to Chris, his Ex-girlfriend! In 2009, he was Rihanna so hard that she had to go to the hospital. Then, too, burned him with jealousy the Fuses.

Rihanna help, my Ex is stalking me!

In court, Chris was bitten, and threatened with death, beaten: “I’ll kill you,” he terrorized Rihanna, after they had announced to go to the police. Nevertheless, it took you years to detach themselves from their tormentors – also because he left her alone and remorseful improvement promised. A few months ago, Chris played in the documentary “Welcome to My Life” his violence, dropouts down: “We have fought each other. You hit me, I hit you, and it was never okay,“ he says. “There was always this point where we thought: ‘What the hell are we doing here?’ But our love is stronger than anything else. “ Rihanna has already been asked years ago, clear that up for you dear Comeback is ruled out.

Friends are still of great concern, because Chris is apparently capable of anything and everything! Supposedly, he is after his Ex so intense that Rihanna’s friend Hassan Jameel is already suspicious. She told Hassan that Chris belongs to the past, and no longer plays in your life, know a friend. But apparently cal entrepreneurs not seems to be the Saudi to have the feeling that Rihanna is in this case entirely honest to him.

According to friends it should have because Chris already multiple dispute given. And maybe that was also the reason why Hassan came to Rihanna’s birthday party. At least one is likely to have fallen this reaction: Chris Brown.

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