Scary Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Scary Last-Minute Halloween Costumes or food

Spooky: Last-Minute Halloween Costumes.

Spooky: Last-Minute Halloween Costumes.

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Sometimes the preparation for the Halloween party Outfit too short. Fortunately, there is something very easy from the own clothes spells.

Spontaneously to the Halloween party invited, but no idea for a costume? No need to worry – the own wardrobe is with a bit of creativity, quite a lot – see for yourself.

Black and White Skeleton.

This skeleton Look is easy consisting of a black and a white Shirt crafts. It is only required a little tact and sensitivity: First, decide which color should be on top. Then the Ribs on the fabric before tracing and carefully cut out. With a creepy Skull Makeup, the Outfit is perfect. Who has white and black Leggings, can transmit the skeleton Look, of course, still on the legs .

Sexy Jigsaw.

In the movie “Saw” is Jigsaw a macabre wood doll. With a few Basics in the wardrobe you can be easy to style: The white blouse or shirt, black pants, and a black Blazer is combined. Important the red bow tie, and the typical white face, the red spirals on the cheeks and the doll’s mouth. So Jigsaw is clearly visible .

Gloomy Wednesday Addams.

If you like it a little “girly”, it should fall back on this costume. An alternative to the “little Black” the Look with a black skirt and Shirt style. Including a white blouse to wear, so that the typical white collar comes to the fore. The hair in the middle parting in two brave braid pigtails. Anyone who wants to perfect the Look: the face, bright makeup, eyes and lips dark shading and very nice look.

Scary Last-Minute Halloween Costumes the red spirals on the

Perfect partner look: Bank robber.

Also, thieves can make quite a scare. For the Bank robber costume is a black-and-white striped shirt combine with a black pair of pants. As accessories a black hat, gloves and a mask may not be missing. Optionally, you can copy a little bit of jewelry to carry around, or a couple of money notes in the pants pockets,.

The Walking Dead: Zombies.

Anyone who would like one risen from the dead appearance, simply needs a few pieces of clothing, which should anyway be sorted out. Then tear up or pants legs cut off. When the autumn weather it is to stain pants and Shirt with mud – alternatively, at the next house-cleaning dust-wipe use. Who dares, can also burn gently with a lighter holes in the clothes. Blood splashes out of nail Polish or food coloring to give the Look of a certain Creepy Something. Finally, the skin face makeup light and dirty, and the hair style wild .

Mystical Fortune Teller.

How would you like the party guests as a seer to predict that they will soon be haunted by a demon home? For the perfect fortune teller costume you are wearing multiple layers of skirts and blouses, or shawls and Ponchos, to an old-fashioned head scarf. As accessories, eye-catching jewellery like gold bangles, large earrings, and – a who has-a is – a crystal ball; a Cup with coffee grounds but it does also.

Immortal Prince of the desert.

For the mummy costume, you need a little patience and tact. The fabric tie can be made of gauze bandages or strips of cut sheets make. So the fabric is not washed, however, fresh but rotten, and as has just risen by the looks, you should insert the panels in hot, black tea. After Drying, then the whole body untidy wrapping. The best way is to ask a second Person to help. Important: At the knees and elbows a little freedom of movement can.


This blood-smeared doctor probably looks more like a butcher. For the horror look, you only need white clothes, ideally a doctor’s coat from the Internet. With fake blood or food color, countless blood spatter on the clothes to distribute. You can take a syringe or a stethoscope in the Hand. To scare the other party guests, is a blood-smeared saw or a knife. The horror costume can also be for the nurse to convert. The search for the next patient can begin.

Crazy Samara Morgan.

This girl scares by just standing there. To be on the Halloween party, the horror of all the guests, just a white Over-Sized Shirt as a night shirt to wear. Who has none in the Cabinet, can, ask for dad or the friend. The hair in the middle parting style, and in front of the face place. In order to give the hair the stringy Wet Look, extra a lot of mousse or hair oil massage. At the Party, then just quietly in a corner position, the head tilt and the other guests a dirty look.

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