That is why trampoline jumping is so good for the figure

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That is why trampoline jumping is so good for the figure

04. May 2020 – At 21:11

You have to jump fit!

It’s a lot of fun and helps to lose weight: the trampoline jump. The Workout with the spring diving Board is long since arrived in the gym. There it is often referred to as Rebounding or Jumping, Fitness and has become a true Trend. But why the fun is jumping so good for the figure and for whom the Trend is a Sport suitable at all?

Jumps high like that, the fat burning Rate

When jumping on a trampoline, the muscles are very strong, without the spring must exert at the end of big. Because gravity does most of the work. The to and activates the metabolism and after a certain period of time, even for a well-toned body. Because jumping on a trampoline burns comparatively a lot of calories (good Fitness Trampoline for the home, you can find here* 🛒). Per half hour there are around 200 to 400. For comparison: While Jogging, there are about 250. However, the combustion depends on the type of trampoline training and the training state of the Hopping together .
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The joints are protected
Jumping on the springy Mat, therefore, is much more effective than Jogging. Also, it has a big advantage: it is more joint-gentle. Because the risk of Overload or injury of Tendons, ligaments or articular cartilage is minimal, since the trampoline cushions the jumps. What is not to Jog on hard ground, for example, of the case. In addition, the joints are protected as part of the force of gravity and the body is burdened less .

Full body workout
If you move when you Bounce the knees up or a lunge of power, brings the circulation going and to train the muscles of the legs and the buttocks. But also the core muscles is claimed. Because both the back and the abdomen need to remain tight to ensure an upright posture. It brings in addition of dumbbells to the game* 🛒 (for beginners 1-kg weights) and makes the appropriate Exercises, you can train the shoulder and arm muscles also. Overall, it promotes jumping on a trampoline the stamina. The effect: After a few workouts the muscles tire less quickly and it is more powerful.

Sports for everyone
Trampoline jumping can be, depending on the Exercises very tiring, but also very much fun. Stress hormones are reduced when they Bounce and the happiness hormone Serotonin paid. The Springer feels good, and the pig-dog this makes it easier to overcome. Everything you need for these sports, is a suitable trampoline. There are even Mini-copies, the guaranteed to fit in every little apartment. In addition, the Training is suitable for any age group. Only who suffers from a cardiovascular disease or problems with the spine, should be on the safe side and before a doctor.

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