These home remedies you should have in times of Corona-home

These home remedies you should have in times of Corona-home

01. June 2020 – At 16:08

Ginger, lemon and more

It’s not always drugs to fight ailments such as headaches, neck pain or sleep disorders . "Home remedies to rarely have side effects and rain, the inner physician, so our self-healing powers", Dr. med white. Franziska Rubin, author of "The best home remedies: What really helps " (Becker Joest Volk Verlag). In an interview with the news Agency spot on news the Doctor talks about the healing effect of natural home remedies and reveals what you should have in times of Coronavirus at home .

With ginger and lemon will kill germs

According to Rubin, the body is not constantly able to self-heal, if you suffer from a serious illness . "For the health I have foods like ginger, turmeric and lemon is always there. Turmeric inhibits inflammation and pain. Ginger water to drink on throughout the day and stimulates our digestive fire. In combination with lemon, it is to fend off perfectly with the germs in the mouth and throat", she reveals .

The latter, Rubin recommend especially in the current Situation with the Coronavirus. "As this disease enters via the mouth-nose area, I find the ginger-lemon-water class, but also the gargle with sage or salt helps immediately to germs to fight off. The Inhalation of thyme Oil protects the lungs, a daily intake of Propolis drops supports also our immune system."

It soothes the nerves

The crisis caused many people to Worry and Stress. Also the Doctor did a few simple Tricks on Hand that don’t require taking medicines . "Stress makes us bad sleep, the stress hormones are often high, which drives up blood pressure and weakens our immune system", Rubin-and-white. In addition to exercise in the fresh air you recommend lavender and tea tree oil. The scent seem reassuring. "If you need more, you can take Valerian drops, it makes a more relaxed attitude, but you can still drive a car ."

The effect of the home remedies show often very quickly. "The longer a disease, or chronic, the more often you have to apply the home remedies. Then the success is often constant or at least always reproducible", ruby says. A visit to the doctor was due, "if it is after one or two days is not better but worse ".

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